Well here it is Friday, so what’s cooking for the weekend?

Slow Cooker image
Slow cooker or Instant Pot?

Like most of you … the weekend is practically upon us and this Batyra family is wondering what to cook in the crock pot for the weekend? With three kids under ten, life can get pretty hectic for a Northeast American family evading the COVID-19 virus by staying at home indoors…

This whole notion got me wondering what everyone is planning as we roll into another weekend post Easter now that all if not most of the leftovers are either gobbled or eaten up… So I have posted the following inquiry at what to make this weekend for Saturday/Sunday meal… why not answer the survey and see what others are making too?

So we managed to fix a few things…

Good day all, I managed to fix a few snags on the old template that was connected to our Batyra surname website. It has been some time… like 5 years… I guess it takes some downtime and love on Earth Day to spruce things up a bit. I will look to add something here for everyone to enjoy!